About San Francisco AQ. org

What is San Francisco AQ. org?

We are a pilot project supported by the California Air Resources Board’s Supplemental Environmental Projects fund. Our grant is intended to build a hyperlocal air quality sensor network in the Eastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco- Bayview Hunter’s Point, the Dogpatch, the Excelsior, Potrero Hill, and Visitacion Valley.


Because hyperlocal Air Quality data, available for private use and as public infrastructure, on a website and through visual devices, is an idea whose time has come.

How will you do this?

We will coordinate with members of the community to install low-cost particulate matter sensors throughout this part of the City, and will post the data on this website.

We will also use Wifi-enabled “smart bulbs” to display particulate matter levels- from ‘good’ to ‘hazardous’- by color. In addition, several sites will host sensors for Nitrogen dioxide and VOCs.

Sensor Hosts Welcomed!

Most sensors (about two dozen) will be unobtrusive Purple Air II particulate monitors, smaller than a shoebox. These can be easily attached to an outside all, deck, or fencing. The sensors need a small amount of AC power for a 5V USB adapter (included), and an available WiFi network. Three of the sensor sites will use higher-end pollution and wind sensors that require installation on a fat rooftop. We are now testing and calibrating the sensors. They will be ready for installation in mid-April.

Contact Us!

If you wish to be a sensor host, to host a display device, or are interested in seeing this project flourish in other locations in San Francisco: info@www.sanfranciscoaq.org